Wednesday, 2 March 2011


-It feels like i haven't posted in ages!.. but i done a post on sunday. i think i might be obsessed with blogging. i love looking at other peoples blog, and ofcourse updating mine!

-So my friend Frankie came over in half term, and it was SO good because i haven't seen her in a year! She lives in Chelmsford but we are still best friends!

-She's gorgeous :)

-I'm wearing frankie headband and she's wearing mine! i love hers, it's from a charity shop, but it's so cool!

-Trying to whip our hair (didn't really work)

-So YEAH! there's some picture from our day together!
-Also, i done these last night, using this 'Konad nail stamping' stuff that i got for christmas. it's really good! you can get all kinds of templates. i used a leopard print-ish one, and then i added the colour after! i thought they looked quite cool.
-Also i have another cool nail idea.. but i'll do a new post about that soon.


-This is a picture of the stencil i used, i used the one at the bottom! but all of them are good, especially the one at the top!

Here's a cool tutorial... (it's different to mine, but still cool!)

-I have no outfit posts unfortunately :( i haven't had time to do one, due to constant revision for my science exam! i had the exam today, but it went supprisingly well! Just need to wait and see what mark i get!

-Hope your all having a good week!



  1. I love your blog and your style! It's so cool!
    I would love if you would check out mine. But i'm Danish, and i don't have translations, but if you like my blog, i wouldn't mind doing it.

  2. I love your nails, they look so good!

  3. I have the konad stamping sets too, I love using them.
    You two look fabulous in your headbands.

  4. i love your style, that headband is amazing :)
    new follower!

    Mollie from

  5. Love the headbands! And your nails look really good too :)

  6. Hey!
    I really, really like your blog - your photos and of course your style!
    So cool... If you want to, you are very welcome to take a look on my blog too, (from now on I'll translate my post's) Many lovely thoughts from Andrea

  7. I've never really understood these, do you use normal nail varnish to do them or do you have to use special airbrush stuff?


  8. thankyou everyone!
    kitoiré: yeah you have to buy the special konad stuff, or it doesnt work X

  9. the two of you look gorgeous! i love the head bands in your hair too :)

  10. Those photos are so cute of you and your friend, you both look gorgeous! Those nails look fab too! Care to follow one another? Now following you xx

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    Thanks love. xoxo.

  12. your best friend is gorgeous, as are you :) and love your headscarves!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog!xxxxxxxxx

  13. The band is really cool! I love it too!
    follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    thank you so much!

  14. these photos are cute :)
    also love your nails!xxxx

  15. I love this blog, dear. I follow you from Spain.


  16. great blog :) really like your pictures :)

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  17. you're blog always brightens my day! love it, love this post!

    amy leah
    the coquetiquette

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