Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Playsuit: Topshop Boots:Office
Nail varnish: Topshop

-I really love this Playsuit, it's casual but with some jewellry  it could be more formal. The material is a peacock feather print, its gorgeous!

All items: Topshop

-Mmm i love all these items, if i had enough money i would buy the whole oufit. The cardigan look a bit frumpy in the picture but i tried it on the other day at it's so nice!

Above: Both- Urban Outfitters
Below: Both- Topshop

-I  reaaally want a nice black dress. One that can be casual or formal. My friend has a lovely black lace dress, im deffinitely going to search hard for one today!

- I don't really have a specific style, i dress to match my mood. I like experimenting. But it's going to be nice getting some new clothes today, because i buy so much stuff from charity shops, it will just be nice to have a few new key items.

-Last night i went round my Friends house for a dinner party, it was so nice! i might post some pictures of it, i hope you are all having a good holidays.

soph xxxx


  1. I love the Topshop outfit you put together! I would have never even considered those shorts on there own, but seeing them with other items like these they look gorgeous! Going to have to have a browse in Topshop now :)

  2. nice items! I love those buckled shoes. Oh, how I wish I had a lot of money! Hahah


  3. Oh how I love shopping at Topshop. Love all of these.

  4. Love your taste. Buff clothes x

  5. happy shopping! i just went thrifting a while ago, and like you said, it's really diff from shopping for new stuff. ;) enjoy!!!


  6. I tried those shorts on,there gorgeous.x