Wednesday, 23 February 2011

i put my new.. HAT on, and suddenly everything is right!

Hat: Topshop, £25

-I love my new hat! i brought it yesterday when i went shopping. I got a whole outfit aswell! so i will do an outfit post tomorrow :) My hat is definitely my favourite thing which i got though, it makes me feel so cool. And yeah.. as you can see from the pictures it's fun to throw up and try and catch.

-I hope  you are all good and have had a lovely day. My friend Frankie is coming over tomorrow, i havn't seen her in a whole year! so im really excited :D

Soph xxxx


  1. todays a good day, because i stumbled across your blog! you have amaazing style and look at least 19 . amazing blogg, i followed of course :) xo

  2. That hat is seriously cool! I want one!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Cute photos pretty !
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  4. very pretty !
    love your blog , so happy i found it !

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  5. Amazing blog!!;) what about following each other?:D kisses from Poland <3

  6. Your hair is lovely! & that hat has feathers on it so I instantly love it!

  7. hey girl:) you look great with the hat on! thanks for your sweet comment:) you're too pretty! hope you have a great weekend.

  8. that hat is lovely and you are really pretty, I love the pictures :) x

  9. oh! great hat,
    you look pretty.

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