Sunday, 27 February 2011

He couldn't see me, the sun was in his eyes

Shorts: Topshop
Blouse: Urban outfitters
Hat: Topshop
Boots: Office

I've started to love Lookbook, i went through a phase where i found it so fustrating, but i think it was because i was putting too much effort into my looks. But it's all good!

-This is a picture i took earlier, WHEN IT WAS SUNNY! I was so happy when i woke up to see the sun!

 -My new shorts! I love them, and they go perfectly with my blouse!

-Hahahha, i found this so funny. My mum was angry though, i messed up her bed!

-Cutest picture ever! yeah this is my cat, she has quite a few names, she was originally called 'Mimi' but now i call her 'teehee', it just suits her better!

-ALSO! i made a giant cupcake with one of those moulds! apart from it didnt go too well, its quite dodgy. but it tastes so good!

-Thankyou for all the comments and followers! I'm so happy, i love blogging now! When i reach 100 followers i'll definitely be doing a give-away :) XXX


  1. Lovely blouse, so vintagey! Haha, I like the jumping on the bed picture also.
    Your cat is sooo sweet!
    I tried making a giant cupcake yesterday, I don't make enough mixture then I left it in the oven too long, whoops!

  2. Thats such a cool photo.
    And you cat is so sweet, I'm like the crazy cat woman who always has photos of them on her phone.
    Nice blouse! Congrats with getting on well with the blog! xx

  3. thanks for the comment! i love that hat too cannot stop wearing it aha, it's from h&m in the sale for £5! was so pleased was such a bargain. your shorts are soooo cute xx

  4. Those shorts are so cute, and I love the pictures of you diving on the bed.

  5. Just find you on lookbook.
    Love the outfit, blouse! :)

  6. i LOVE the whole outfit your wearing.. you look lovely. ha ha I really like the piture where your jumping on the bed.. Classic :)

  7. I love every thing about your outfit. And your cat is so cute.

  8. This photos are so lovely! That photo of you in the air is amazing!

  9. Cute

  10. this blouse is so beautiful!!!

  11. These are so cute! As long as it tastes good, who cares what it looks like ;) x hivennn

  12. cute pics! love the blog, if you get time id love you to check out mine! xxxx

  13. ha ha I love the mid air shot of you its so cool! Those shorts they are so pretty, I love floral print things. Your blog is so lovely,
    thanks for your lovely comment on mine!
    x x

  14. You look gorgeous !! When it gets to summer i am definitelly buying one of those straw hats, because hats seem to look so great on people !!
    Congratulations on the followers, your doing amazingly with your blog !!

  15. Such a cute outfit! Following you back!

  16. Wow are you really only 14!? You're gorgeous & we love your style. We wish we could dress half as well at 14 haha! ;) <3

    T & J


  17. I do actually have a lot of konad stuff. But recently i'm more into hand drawing my desgins :).

  18. wow so pretty :) and i love these photos
    that photo supposedly jumping on the bed? i thought you were floating lol! i cracked up abit its so creepy yet so cute hahah
    looking forward for your giveaway *rubhands*

  19. OMG! I like your outfit!
    And the maxi cupcake is so cool and looks so yummy!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do!
    Thank you so much!

  20. very nice blog!!


  21. i love your shorts, and your cat's adorable!
    Flora x

  22. I loved this post :) I mess up my moms bed alll the time :P
    You don't look your age < I've always wanted to say that since i get it so often :)
    Please visit my blog and maybe follow :/

  23. oh my god. I love your blog. You've such great style. Following now! I just know I'm going to spend a lot of time on here. :-) Well have an awesome day. - be great I've you'd stop by my blog sometime ;) x

  24. You have such great style! I can't belive you're only 14! Love the outfit posts.

    Manda xx

  25. Beautiful outfit! You look gorgeous and you have amazing style :)

    Your cat is freakin' adorable!

  26. Thanks for your comment. I love your blog too! You're so stunning! I'm following now :) x

  27. ohh this outfit is soo cute but omggg wernt you cold?!!
    i was happy as well when the sun came up, went out all dressyy and no coat...with seconds later... rain :( then followed by cold :(
    where abouts in the uk do you live btwz?

  28. i like your style gurrrl. Thanks for the following :).

    Helen, X