Tuesday, 15 February 2011


-This is just a few pictures i took the other day. I do dancing, ballet, pointe, tap and modern! I love it! i've been dancing since i was about 3 years old and it's my way of expressing myself and my feelings.
-My friend Ellie is doing Dance for her Art GCSE so i brought my pointes into school so she could take some pictures for her project. It was quite embarrassing as loads of people kept walking past. There are only pictures of my feet as i didn't let her take full body shots because i was in my school uniform!
-I enjoy Ballet and pointe, but my favourite type of dance is probably tap! Because i have been doing it for so long i find it easy, and when im listening to a song i can improvise and make up any new steps i like, there's no rules!
-This is a picture from the film 'black swan'. I still havn't seen it! but i'm hoping to go next week. If you have seen it, is it good? lots of people have said it's really good. The costumes all look beautiful and Natalie Portman looks stunning!


  1. Woow, I love your pictures ! ♥
    Your blog is really cool.

    I tried to make an outfit after seing this amazing movie :)


  2. I also love dancing =) Ive been taken ballet classes since I was six haha ^^

    ▲ Lots of love, Lisette ▲